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Cockroach & Ant Control Services in Mumbai

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Method of Service & Terms:

  • Herbal Gel baiting technology applied for cockroaches at disinfection area like wall & furniture cracks, crevices, kitchen area and electrical switch boxes and electrical appliances etc. The gel contains a food product to attract cockroaches. It takes 15-20 days for this treatment to be effective.
  • The odorless chemical spray used for red and black ants, spiders, silverfish in living area, bathroom, bedroom.


  • Eco-friendly, odorless & World Health Organization approved chemical used – Bayer (Responser) for Cockroaches and Ants Control.
  • This treatment is safe, quick, long lasting, 100% effective and no side effects on senior citizen, pregnant women, child and pets.
  • You don’t need to empty the cabinets and drawers and No need to leave the home during or after treatment.
  • This service can be applied during working hours without any disturbance.

Service Hours: 30 - 45 minutes (Depend on Home Area)

No. Of Technicians: 1-2 (Depend on Home Area)

Service Frequency with warranty period:

  • One Time Treatment (1 time Service With 30 days warranty period)
  • In Annual Contract period provide 3 services (one treatment at distances of 4 months). Complaint service will be provided without any extra charges in contract period.
  • We are also providing a two-year contract that will have 6 services (one treatment at distances of 4 months).


  • After gel treatment, do not remove the gel spots and do not clean with water.

18% GST will be applicable on total service charges.

*Terms & Condition apply

Cockroach Control Services in Mumbai

Cockroach control services in Mumbai play a crucial role because cockroaches are common pests that stay in households. These pests are high-risk. Cockroaches are carriers of many illnesses like diphtheria, dysentery, thyroid, and gastroenteritis. These are also powerful allergens which are the cause of eczema, allergies, and asthma. The risks of these diseases are high in homes with children and the elderly because they have low immunity.

Cockroaches breed rapidly in the Indian climate and they are mostly found throughout the year in many places. These are resilient and have gradually developed resistance to many pesticides. This is why if you try to Do It Yourself cockroach control at home to get rid of cockroaches then in maximum cases the result may not be effective. You must get the cockroaches infested by cockroaches pest control Services that uses scientific techniques to eliminate cockroaches from your home completely.

Professional Cockroach Control Services in Mumbai

Pest control for cockroaches in mumbai is crucial because if your house is infested with cockroaches then it can be distressing. Cockroaches scrape in the corners of your home and this makes it difficult to get rid of them through Do It Yourself techniques. You may try to eliminate the cockroaches yourself but it may work out as a temporary solution only. Eventually, you will see the problem resurfacing. This is why you need to hire a professional cockroach control company in mumbai who are experts and can drive the cockroaches out of your home and prevent future re-infiltration for a long time.

Best Cockroach Control Services Near Me

1. We are Professional cockroach control services in mumbai and here are the services that we offer that make us the best cockroach control services near me.

2. Contact us any time that you notice cockroaches at home and we will send our local cockroach control specialist at your place.

3. We discuss the cockroach problem with you and provide recommendations at a reasonable cockroach control cost.

4. Our trained cockroach control service providers in mumbai use innovative cockroach control products that are safe to use for the treatment.

5. We also give you a service warranty.

Cockroaches and Ants Control Services in Mumbai

We offer professional cockroach and Ants Control Services in mumbai and we take pride in being one of the preferred companies that have offered integrated pest management solutions to many satisfied homeowners. Here is why we are the first choice for pest control for ants in mumbai:

1. We have an excellence legacy in cockroach control services for home in mumbai.

2. We adhere to the standards of the industry.

3. We survey the area thoroughly and make use of advanced technologies.

4. We have a team of highly certified and trained technicians.

Herbal Pest Control Services in Mumbai

Herbal pest control services in mumbai are in demand. Treating pests is essential because they make our house mess. However, since most companies use chemicals for cockroach control treatment in mumbai it is harmful. The best remedy to this is to use pest control products that are herbal. They are harmless and safe for the environment. They do not contain any toxic pesticides and thus offer an effective solution in an eco- friendly and safe manner. The herbal products are odorless and offer the same effect as chemical pesticides.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I know that my house is infested with cockroaches?

Ans.:You can look for signs of cockroaches at home in case you have not been able to spot them with your eye. Cockroach droppings, cockroach eggs, molted skin, smear marks, unusual odors, and cockroach damages are some ways in which you know that your house is infested with cockroaches and that you need a professional pest control done soon.

Q. Are baits effective at controlling cockroaches?

Ans.:The cockroach baits need to be placed properly and if done in the right manner then these are highly effective in getting rid of cockroaches at home. The treatment relies on every cockroach to feed on the bait so that the infestation is eliminated totally. In order to get the best results, the baits should be combined with other methods of control. It could be difficult to understand which treatment option is best for your home and this is when you need to hire a professional cockroach control company.

Q. Is it possible that the cockroaches will never come back again?

Ans.:It is possible to eliminate the cockroach from home completely. However, there are chances that the infestations could occur again. This is dependent on the species and also what the location of your home is. Outdoor cockroaches may try to enter your home after some time. However, you can eliminate that too be sealing the crack outside and blocking the holes in the walls. Exterior control of cockroaches can help to limit the cockroach invasions.

Q. Why should I hire an expert when I can do the cockroach control myself?

Ans.:It may be tempting to think about doing the cockroach to control yourself and saving money. However, it is important to know that cockroaches are a tough bunch and they hide in places and enter into your home from places that you may have never even thought about. The professionals are trained to find out the source of these cockroaches and they thus apply pesticides such that the root of the problem is treated. The professionals know the steps to eliminate and prevent the pests because they know where and in what interval the cockroaches need to be treated.

Q. Why do I still see cockroaches after the treatment?

Ans.:It could take around 2 to 3 weeks for the gel to exterminate the cockroach population permanently. In that time you should refrain from using any other pesticide in the treated area. Since the cockroaches are in hiding, therefore, it will take time for them to come out and get treated. The professional cockroach control companies use chemicals and gels that are safe. You should refrain from touching the treated areas until it gets dry. In case you happen to touch it accidentally then wash the part of your body with water and soap.