Office Deep Cleaning Services with Sanitization

Our varied office cleaning services are not only efficient but also pocket-friendly. Our staff are punctual and quick and helps you achieve the desired cleanliness in no time!!! Our skilled professional is well trained and comes equipped with the latest know-how in the cleaning industry, thus ensure that our clients receive the best office cleaning experience.

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Service Includes

  • Moping and cleaning the floor without moving heavy furniture.
  • Dry vacuuming of sofa, chairs, carpet and curtains etc. (Not wet washing)
  • Wiping of windows, window panel, dry vacuuming of window channels and a dusting of grills.
  • Dusting and wiping of desks, tables, desktops, computer and printer etc.
  • Cleaning of lighting fixtures, doors and door handle with wiping.
  • Cleaning of cabinets and wardrobes externally. (Internal if emptied by customer in advance)
  • Fridge, microwave, exhausted fans, stove and coffee machine external cleaning with de-greasing of pantry area.
  • Cleaning of washroom tiles, shower, washbasin, taps, mirror, WC, cabinet and Disinfection of washroom.
  • Wall cleaning to remove dry dusting and cobweb. (Not wet washing)
  • Moping and cleaning of conference rooms.


  • Cabinet and shelves cleaned by internal also if emptied by the customer in advance.
  • Sofa, Carpet, Curtain and Chair foam/shampoo, leather-polish cleaning are available at additional charges.
  • Wet wiping for wall available with extra charges (Only washable painted walls).
  • Customer has to arrange for stool/ladder, water supply and electrical connection.
  • We don't give 100% guarantee on hard & old stains because more scrubbing will damage the Surface.
  • Unreachable and unsafe places will not be cleaned by our cleaner.
  • Customer should be must verify the completed work, we do not do rework.
  • For the Sanitization service, the extra charge will be applied.

18% GST will be applicable on total service charges.

*Terms & Condition apply

Service Details

  • Dirt & dust from the chair is removed by vacuum machine, then special foam based shampooing solution scrubbing/brushing done and excess water are extracted from the chair by vacuum, after extracting it will take 3 to 5 hrs to get completely dry.

Service Hours: 1-3 Hours

No. Of Cleaners: 1-3 (Depend on no. of Chairs)


  • We don't give 100% guarantee on hard & old stains because more scrubbing will damage the fabric.
  • Customer has to provide for water and electrical connection.
  • Chairs should not be used until completely dry.
  • Customer should be must verify the completed work, we do not do rework.

Service Includes

  • Every carpet cleaning starts with a proper method using a vacuum machine to remove dust & soil.
  • After removing dry soil and dust next step will start with foam based wet shampoo scrubbing to remove a stubborn stain.
  • Once the shampooing process completed, water extraction process will start with powerfully vacuum machine for dry.
  • It can take 3-5 hours for the carpet to dry after treatment.

Service Hours: 1-3 Hours

No. Of Cleaners: 1-3 (Depending on the carpet size)


  • We don't give 100% guarantee on hard & old stains because more
9 /sqft

Features of Sanitization Service:-

  • Cleans and disinfects high-touch surfaces.
  • Kills common microorganisms including VRE, MRSA, Influenza, Adenovirus, Acinetobacter, Klebsiella, and many more.
  • Highly concentrated quaternary formula provides excellent one-step, cost-effective sanitization, disinfection and odor control.
  • Effective against gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, human viruses, veterinary viruses, fungi, and is mildew static.
  • Aerial Sanitization is carried out by ULV (Ultra Low Volume particulates) misting of disinfectant.
  • People having an allergy, asthma, infants, pregnant women, senior citizen, children’s and ailing won’t allow during the treatment.
  • Complete area needs to be treated, without any exhaust vents/openings, etc.
  • Cover LCD panels, Phone lines and computer Etc. with the help of newspaper/polythene sheet.
  • Central AHU should be put off and air vents should be opened for treatment of air conditioning ducts.
  • Fire Alarms should be put off.
  • All exposed surfaces such as walls and floors need to be disinfected.
  • ULV misting fogger of air space is carried out as per prescribed method which reaches the inaccessible areas.
  • Total treatment may take 1 to 2 hours’ time – depending upon the area /availability/air tightness.
  • Safe, non-irritating fog posing no hazard.
  • Note:
  • Need Housekeeping Person for support in covering all Electronic Gadgets with the help of polythene sheet.
  • Employees should be advised not to use the treated area for at least 1-2 hrs.
  • Materials like water bottle, coffee Mug, Glasses and other valuable items / and food items need to be removed from the treatment area.
  • Microbiological Sanitization treatment is a specialized service and is carried out by qualified technicians under the supervision of experienced Supervisors / Technical Team, All staff involved in the treatment to continue using preventive masks with dress code during the treatment.

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