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Our varied office cleaning services are not only efficient but also pocket-friendly. Our staff are punctual and quick and helps you achieve the desired cleanliness in no time!!! Our skilled professional is well trained and comes equipped with the latest know-how in the cleaning industry, thus ensure that our clients receive the best office cleaning experience.

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Leisure, Retail, Office, Restaurant, Hospital, Multiplex or Commercial industrial estate- whatever be the kind of commercial property, it is imperative that they are speckless and unblemished! A commercial space is a reflection of one’s professional functioning and who wouldn’t like to give the most sparkling and magical touch to the face of their commercial building? Not just an important aspect of the image of an enterprise, an impeccable and hygienic work place is always an additional perk for the people who serve and live there! Everyone appreciates having squeaky-clean work stations and living abodes! And we, at Sadguru Facility, take the onus upon us to provide a dirt-free working and living environment to our esteemed clients. We guarantee germ-free, fresh and clean zones in the commercial establishments once they undergo our rigorous and exhaustive cleanliness regime! Hence, from a contented shopping spree in a mall to taking a stroll in your residential complex, from enjoying a play in an auditorium to a peaceful dinner at a restaurant, from having fun at a party in a banquet to a refreshing stay in your favourite hotel, we assure your experience will only be all the more blissful and serene thanks to the dirt-free and spotlessly clean areas generated by our services.

We provide ace Commercial Cleaning Services in Mumbai, Thane & Navi Mumbai . Our array of cleaning services is wide, the technology we use is high end, our skills are top-notch and our knowledge of the industry is updated. Thus, ensuring every nook and corner of your commercial establishment radiates with purity and hygiene with our high quality and high performing devices and techniques!

While large spaces of a commercial property are easily visible and hence need to be immaculate and tidy, commercial property is not just about towering walls, long corridors, huge windows, high roofs and sturdy doors. The space is also adorned with many units of furniture, white goods, floor coverings etc. Whether a small society office, a huge office campus or a shopping complex-a commercial area usually experiences a lot of human traffic and activity and therefore is more prone to getting soiled and grotty in no time.

Worried about how to maintain that pristine look of your favourite carpet or wondering how to keep those grills dust-free? Fret not! We are here! From the floor to the furniture, from the white goods to the fixtures, from the windows and doors to the various rooms, our Office Deep Cleaning services aid in end to end cleansing of your commercial area. Those chairs are the most used piece of furniture in the commercial space and often a subject of maximum wear and tear and need the most meticulous and rigorous cleaning method that we offer. We are also the one stop destination to end your carpet cleaning woes, our carpet cleaning services promise relief from the mud, stains and dirt on your carpet all thanks to the large number of shoes that trail over it and the food and beverages that spill on it! And why ignore that sofa lying in your corridor that is the perfect spot for you to refresh over a cup of coffee or make critical notes for the next conference. Does it not deserve a fabulous wipe and a scrub? Apart from the furniture and floorings , your pantry too needs a cleanliness regimen. It is the place that takes care of your gastronomical needs and you definitely would not want to mess up with its hygiene! And we are right here to offer our pantry cleaning services to you!  All these services- by not utilising just the conventional cleaning techniques, we resort to advance and high-end steam-cleaning services as well, that are powerful, environment-friendly and thoroughly efficacious.

Our varied commercial cleaning services are not only efficient but also pocket friendly. Our staff is punctual and quick and help you achieve the desired cleanliness in no time!!! Our skilled professionals are well trained and come equipped with the latest know-how in the cleaning industry, thus ensuring that our clients receive the highest standards of commercial cleaning experience.

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