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When you think that it has been too many days that your house has undergone extensive cleaning,
Currently, we have our cleaning services in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane. But keep a watch on our websites and our social media pages for various updates! We will soon be expanding our services to numerous other locations.
Yes! We would request you to be at the location when the cleaning service is being executed. It will help you see our work procedures and any doubts with regards to the same can be clarified.
Yes of course we can. We understand that the need of every household is different and hence we are not rigid at all with the packages we offer. You can tell us what you want or our ever helpful staff can guide you for the same. The rates for the customized packages can be checked by just making a quick call on our Customer Care number.
Pests are one of the most unwanted guests for any homeowner. When the pests have a small population then they can be controlled. However, when they multiply then it gets difficult to control then. Homeowners may try out home remedies to get rid of these pests. In most cases, the effect is not long-lasting.

A professional pest control company offers a complete solution to let your home be pest-free. They make use of biological control methods that make use of microbial insecticides to treat pests. They also make use of chemical pest control which is the traditional way to treat pests. The method helps to control the breeding and the birth of pests. Organic pest control is a technology-driven method that is also environment-friendly.

It is important to choose the best method of pest control and a professional pest control company can offer the perfect solution to keep you and your family safe.
It is important that you identify the pest infestation in the start because if the infestation is deep then it gets difficult to get rid of them. To know if your house is infested with pests you will have to look at things closely. Some pests can be easily spotted like lizards and cockroaches. The other pests, however, cannot be easily seen like bed bugs and termites. You can, however, pay close attention to look for symptoms.

If you have doubts then get your home inspected by a professional. Like if you notice small red spots in your bed sheet then this is a sign of bed bugs. If you notice brown powder in the furniture then this is a sign of termites.

The adult bed bugs can be found near where humans sleep. Bed bugs hide in cervices and in tight spaces. You can find then in bed, mattress, sofas, window curtains and furniture cracks. You can also call a qualified pest control company to investigate if there are pests at home.
Termites are destructive and they cause maximum damage. You may not be able to treat it yourself. A qualified professional will do two or three rounds of treatment to eliminate termite completely.
You may get references from friends to hire an expert pest service company. There are also online reviews of companies that you can go through to understand the experiences of past customers who have used the services of the pest control company. It is important that before you hire a company you check out about them like the licenses that they hold and any hidden fees of their services.

The licensed pest control company will not just apply the chemicals. They are aware of the biology of the pests, the way pests breed and infest. They can identify the pest and they offer the right treatment to you with their knowledge. This also saves your house from infestations in the future.

You need to do the following before the pest control team reaches your place. Cover the drinking water and food in the kitchen, vacate the place where pest control has to be done so that the exterminator can do his job well. Check with the company if you need to do any other preparation.
The price of a pest control company is not fixed. The amount that they charge is based on many factors. It includes the kind of pest control that you need, whether you want a herbal or a chemical pest control service done, if the pest control is for a commercial property or your home and the total area of the space where pest control needs to be done. These are some of the elements that determine the price that the pest control company will charge.
In most cases, you do not have to leave your home at the time of treatment. This is if you are not allergic to any chemicals. The chemicals that are used are not harmful to humans but if you or any of your family members have some breathing problems then it is best to stay out till the treatment is complete.
Even if you get a deep pest control cleaning done some pests may still be found after the treatment. This is because some pests die immediately but others hide and run away. In the end, however, all the pests will be eliminated but it could take a 15-20 days. So give it time as you will yourself see that the pests are declining in number with each passing hour.
In most cases, you do not have to clean the house after the treatment is done. There could however be some cases where the pest control company will tell you to clean after the treatment. The experts will tell you how the cleaning has to be done. You will have to ventilate your house to get rid of the chemical smell.
You can look for signs of cockroaches at home in case you have not been able to spot them with your eye. Cockroach droppings, cockroach eggs, molted skin, smear marks, unusual odors, and cockroach damages are some ways in which you know that your house is infested with cockroaches and that you need a professional pest control done soon.
The cockroach baits need to be placed properly and if done in the right manner then these are highly effective in getting rid of cockroaches at home. The treatment relies on every cockroach to feed on the bait so that the infestation is eliminated totally. In order to get the best results, the baits should be combined with other methods of control. It could be difficult to understand which treatment option is best for your home and this is when you need to hire a professional cockroach control company.
It is possible to eliminate the cockroach from home completely. However, there are chances that the infestations could occur again. This is dependent on the species and also what the location of your home is. Outdoor cockroaches may try to enter your home after some time. However, you can eliminate that too be sealing the crack outside and blocking the holes in the walls. Exterior control of cockroaches can help to limit the cockroach invasions.
It may be tempting to think about doing the cockroach to control yourself and saving money. However, it is important to know that cockroaches are a tough bunch and they hide in places and enter into your home from places that you may have never even thought about. The professionals are trained to find out the source of these cockroaches and they thus apply pesticides such that the root of the problem is treated. The professionals know the steps to eliminate and prevent the pests because they know where and in what interval the cockroaches need to be treated.
It could take around 2 to 3 weeks for the gel to exterminate the cockroach population permanently. In that time you should refrain from using any other pesticide in the treated area. Since the cockroaches are in hiding, therefore, it will take time for them to come out and get treated. The professional cockroach control companies use chemicals and gels that are safe. You should refrain from touching the treated areas until it gets dry. In case you happen to touch it accidentally then wash the part of your body with water and soap.
Bed bugs are very small pests and it may be impossible to spot them with your naked eye. Some signs of bed bugs that you should not ignore are bite signs, small blood smears on your bedsheet and small faecal spots that are brown in colour which can be seen on your bedding.

You may also be able to spot some small eggs of the bed bugs in the mattress folds and in the box spring. These are translucent in colour. The eggs may also be seen in the baseboards and behind the headboards. You will also get a sweet and musty odour if you have bed bugs at home.

The name may make someone think that bed bugs can only be found on beds. However, bed bugs can be present anywhere at home. These can be in the cushions of your chair and sofas, in cervices and cracks and behind the picture frames as well. This means that bed bugs can live almost anywhere.
If you stay in a hotel room which is infected with bed bugs then there are high chances that you will carry the bed bugs home. To prevent that here are some precautions that you should take:

• When you check in to a hotel look at the mattress, headboard and the picture frames for any signs of bed bugs. These could be eggs, spots or blood. Ask for a room change in case you spot bed bugs.

• Always make it a point to store your luggage only on the rack after you have thoroughly checked the area for bed bugs. Do not keep the luggage on the floor or on the bed.

• Try to avoid the dresser as much as possible and hang your clothes instead.

• Always check the travellers’ reviews about the hotel to see if there are any complaints about bed bugs.

There is no medical threat if you have bed bugs at home. However, these are a real nuisance giving you sleepless nights. The ideal way to treat bed bugs is to avoid scratching the area where the bed bugs have bitten you. Instead apply an antiseptic cream to get relief. Also, do not delay in calling a professional pest control company who will treat the bed bugs completely. It is a great idea to get your house inspected for bed bugs by a professional at regular intervals.
Bed bugs are pests that are difficult to eliminate because these are highly notorious. It is important that you hire only the reputed bed bug control services that have the training that is needed to deal with bed bugs. It takes experience and a very comprehensive approach to treat bed bugs completely. There are chemicals used and treatment methods that only a professional can do effectively. The experts make use of the up-to-date techniques that cannot be applied through the DIY methods.
Hiring a termite control service offers the following benefits:

• Kills termites

• Safe treatment service

• Protects the woodwork that is infested

• Protects termites from infesting in the future

Termites or white ants can thrive and hide in your home. These are a nuisance in your house. Termites at home are unhealthy and you would try out all means to get rid of them. Most of you may want to DIY the treatment to save money. However, hiring a professional to do termite control treatment is what is recommended.

There are many reasons why you should hire a professional:

• A professional does a thorough inspection of your home.

• They assess the infestations severity and come up with a plan that is best for you.

• They detect the problem early thus preventing termites from infesting your home further.

Say no to DIY at all cost when you want to treat termites at home. Your home is a place that offers comfort and peace and is a safe heaven. Your family lives here and there are also your valuable belongings in your home. You may have antiques, arts and books that you treasure. Termites when invade your home destroy all your valuables and if you do not hire a professional and try to do the treatment yourself then you may not be able to do the treatment effectively. In such a case you will not be able to control the termite completely and this could cause your home to get re-infested with these pests.

Prevention is better than cure. If you do the treatment yourself then these could only treat the problem outwardly and you may not get to the root of the problem, which only a professional team can offer to you.

There are a number of companies today that offer to treat your termite infested homes. However, are all of them genuine? It is important that you understand how to choose the right termite control professional who can offer the best termite treatment for your home. A professional should know how to spot the infestation. He should be able to answer every query that you may have related to safety, health and termite control. Also, make sure that you check the company’s affiliations and certifications to ensure that you are hiring a trained professional. Check the customer reviews that will let you know of the experience of past clients.
Apart from hiring a professional termite control service company you should reduce and eliminate moisture from around as well as in your home. Also, keep the drain pipes and gutters free of debris.
The answer to this question could be highly subjective. The soil type, quality of treatment, treatment chemical that was used and the design and the construction of your house all play a major role in determining the longevity of the treatment. The best solution is to get your home inspected yearly by a professional pest control company.