Office Cleaning Services in Mumbai Central, Mumbai

Office Cleaning Services in Mumbai Central, Mumbai

Office Deep Cleaning Services in Mumbai Central, Mumbai - With Sanitization

Our varied office cleaning services are not only efficient but also pocket-friendly. Our staff are punctual and quick and helps you achieve the desired cleanliness in no time!!! Our skilled professional is well trained and comes equipped with the latest know-how in the cleaning industry, thus ensure that our clients receive the best office cleaning experience.

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Service Includes

  • Moping and cleaning the floor without moving heavy furniture.
  • Dry vacuuming of sofa, chairs, carpet and curtains etc. (Not wet washing)
  • Wiping of windows, window panel, dry vacuuming of window channels and a dusting of grills.
  • Dusting and wiping of desks, tables, desktops, computer and printer etc.
  • Cleaning of lighting fixtures, doors and door handle with wiping.
  • Cleaning of cabinets and wardrobes externally. (Internal if emptied by customer in advance)
  • Fridge, microwave, exhausted fans, stove and coffee machine external cleaning with de-greasing of pantry area.
  • Cleaning of washroom tiles, shower, washbasin, taps, mirror, WC, cabinet and Disinfection of washroom.
  • Wall cleaning to remove dry dusting and cobweb. (Not wet washing)
  • Moping and cleaning of conference rooms.


  • Cabinet and shelves cleaned by internal also if emptied by the customer in advance.
  • Sofa, Carpet, Curtain and Chair foam/shampoo, leather-polish cleaning are available at additional charges.
  • Wet wiping for wall available with extra charges (Only washable painted walls).
  • Customer has to arrange for stool/ladder, water supply and electrical connection.
  • Unreachable and unsafe places will not be cleaned by our cleaner.
  • Customer should be must verify the completed work, we do not do rework.
  • For the Sanitization service, the extra charge will be applied.

18% GST will be applicable on total service charges.

*Terms & Condition apply

Service Details

  • Dirt & dust from the chair is removed by vacuum machine, then special foam based shampooing solution scrubbing/brushing done and excess water are extracted from the chair by vacuum, after extracting it will take 3 to 5 hrs to get completely dry.

Service Hours: 1-3 Hours

No. Of Cleaners: 1-3 (Depend on no. of Chairs)


  • We don't give 100% guarantee on hard and old stains because more scrubbing will damage the fabric.
  • Customer has to provide for water and electrical connection.
  • Chairs should not be used until completely dry.
  • Customer should be must verify the completed work, we do not do rework.

Service Includes

  • Every carpet cleaning starts with a proper method using a vacuum machine to remove dust and soil.
  • After removing dry soil and dust next step will start with foam based wet shampoo scrubbing to remove a stubborn stain.
  • Once the shampooing process completed, water extraction process will start with powerfully vacuum machine for dry.
  • It can take 3-5 hours for the carpet to dry after treatment.

Service Hours: 1-3 Hours

No. Of Cleaners: 1-3 (Depending on the carpet size)


  • We don't give 100% guarantee on hard & old stains because more
9 /sqft

Office Cleaning Services

Commercial space of any kind, shape or size is set up to fulfill the objective of registering growth and profit. The ambiance and the environment of your workspace should always encourage positive work culture. This is possible if you take good care of the interior and the office items. Apart from regular dusting and cleaning professional cleaning services are also required to keep your commercial space in good spirit. We introduce ourselves as the best provider of Office Cleaning Professionals in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai. We have the required talented workforce that deep cleanses every nook and corner of your office and other commercial space. Our tools and types of equipment can extract the dust and bacteria from the innermost layer of the sofa, cushions, etc.

Office Cleaning Services in Mumbai Central, Mumbai

We as Top Office Cleaning Company in Mumbai Central, Mumbai undertake the overall Deep Cleaning Services for any type of commercial office. We execute the Commercial Cleaning Services in Mumbai Central, Mumbai in a technically improved and approved method. We have been rendering the Professional Office Deep Cleaning Services for many years with satisfaction.

Best Office Cleaning Services in Mumbai Central, Mumbai

We have the distinction of being treated as best office cleaning services in Mumbai Central, Mumbai for our professionalism. Unlike residential place, commercial space is visited by so many people and it attracts lots of contamination. There is no doubt that your office boy keeps dusting your office article regularly but this is not enough. Due to pollution, visitors, weather changes, etc. dust and microbes houses in your commercial space. It is not possible to deep clean such spaces with regular mopping and dusting. The best way is to hire the services of Office Cleaning Services Mumbai Central, Mumbai.

Commercial Deep Cleaning Services in Mumbai Central, Mumbai

We as professionals are equipped with knowledge and tools that offer Commercial Cleaning Services in Mumbai Central, Mumbai. As a provider of Top Leading Commercial Cleaning Services in Mumbai Central, Mumbai, we use ultra-modern techniques and types of equipment that are in accordance with industry standards to ward-off the polluted particles. Every commercial space is different and needs a different kind of cleaning approach. Like, if you are running a restaurant, eatery, or anything like that the waste or litter is different. It is not only about regular dust but it about food waste. As a host, you expect a large number of people on a daily basis. The atmosphere of such spaces must be attractive and soothing. We as Commercial Cleaning Services provide reinstates the essence of the business. Our pantry cleaning services ensure the removal of bacteria, fungus and other microbes from the kitchen shelf, electrical equipment, and other pantry areas.

Corporate Cleaning Services in Mumbai Central, Mumbai

A visit to your corporate office tells about its establishment, work culture and productivity. Crucial business decisions are taken at the corporate office and the setting of the office should be serene and soothing. You will never feel comfortable at a place where you find the sitting area stinking as if something is rotting inside sofas, chairs, carpets, corners, etc. Such situations arise when deep cleansing is not done in a professional manner.

Professional Office cleaning services in Mumbai Central, Mumbai is very popular as Mumbai Central, Mumbai is a commercial place. Business operators hire the Office Cleaning Service in Mumbai Central, Mumbai for a better and updated Office Cleaning Services. We carry out the Corporate Cleaning Services in Mumbai Central, Mumbai in a technologically advanced manner. We make use of latest spray, chemicals, tools, etc. that are approved by the government and has no harmful effect on humans.

Top Office Cleaning Company in Mumbai Central, Mumbai

When you hire the Office Deep Cleaning Services you get lots of benefits for the charges you pay. There are so many items in your office that enhances the appearance of your space. But at the same time it attracts dust, pollution, bacteria, fungus, etc. that calls for deep cleansing. We provide the service of Office Carpet Cleaning, Office Chair Cleaning, and Office Floor Cleaning in the most appropriate way. We are also the provider of enhanced services like Office Carpet Shampooing, Office Chair Shampooing, Dry Cleaning, etc. in a satisfactory manner.

Professional Office Deep Cleaning Services

Your office has so many areas and articles that are not regularly deep cleaned because it is not feasible. You will not wash your carpet or sofa cover daily as it is troublesome. But it is accumulating dust inside it that takes the form of harmful bacteria. If you are worried about the fungus covering your carpet, walls, ceiling then call Office Cleaning Services near me. We are Top Leading Commercial Cleaning Services in Mumbai Central, Mumbai taking care of Office Deep Cleaning Service.

You can call Commercial Cleaning Services near me for a healthy and clean office environment. We not only clean the various office articles but we clean the entire environment to encourage better performance. Our Commercial Deep Cleaning Services are aimed at providing a hygienic environment at competitive pricing. Professional office cleaning is a vast area as we cover, light fixture, glass, carpet, washroom, work stations, computers, desktops, desks, printers, telephones, sofa, tables, chairs, curtains, door, door handles, cabinets, wardrobe, Ceiling/False Ceiling, Floor Scrubbing, and other items. What makes us the number one choice for Office Cleaning in Mumbai Central, Mumbai is our commitment to timely service, standard pricing, and qualitative service.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the significance of commercial cleaning?

The aim of any commercial space is to attract their prospective clients which are only possible if the environment and inner space are attractive and clean. Professional Office Deep Cleaning Services involves cleaning from the inner level where dirt and trash are not visible to your eyes. Exclusively designed tools and cleansing material is required to ward-off the bacterial agents from the hidden parts of the office articles. As Top Office Cleaning Company in Mumbai Central, Mumbai, we use highly effective and technically advanced solution for your commercial space.

2. What are benefits of commercial cleaning?

If your work station or workspace is healthier and cleaner then you tend to stay happy at your office. You will be more productive and efficient if you work in a clean and healthier office. If you are surrounded by filth and trash you will not feel good and energetic. Moreover, you will always be at risk of developing health issues at such a place. Your clients actually judge you by the surroundings and you may lose a deal because of an unhealthy environment.

There are many critical areas in your office which are the favorite spots of bugs and insects as they breed in these areas. General dusting and mopping will not have any effect in these areas. The best solution is to let the Top Office Cleaning Company in Mumbai Central, Mumbai do the deep cleaning work.

3. Why I should hire Sadguru Cleaning Services?

If the patches, dirt, spots on your sofa and carpet bother you and you feel bad in asking your clients or visitors to be seated in such upkeep of office then call Sadguru Office Cleaning Services Mumbai Central, Mumbai. Of course, you do not want your visitors to feel uncomfortable in your shabby and stinking office. Your office space needs more than regular cleaning and we render the services of Best Office Cleaning Services in Mumbai Central, Mumbai which is actually a treatment to make your office hygienic and healthy.

4. Can your services be customized as the requirements?

Commercial spaces are categorized in many parts depending on the nature of your business. The need for the type of commercial cleaning services in Mumbai Central, Mumbai is different for different types of business. We are professional and experienced in rendering the customized cleaning services depending on the requirements of our esteemed clients. All you need is to let us know about your specific requirements for your commercial space. You can contact us for the cleaning of the following areas: Workstations, Conference Rooms, Pantry, Cafeteria, Washrooms, Ceiling /False Ceiling, Floor Scrubbing, Sofa, Chair, Carpet, Curtain etc.

5. How can I avail your services?

We are the popular and trusted name in the list of Best Office Cleaning Services in Mumbai Central, Mumbai who are ready to serve you with our Office Deep Cleaning Service. The contact details are mentioned on our website and you can contact us through our contact page, Mobile: 7208091124 or email: . We are very prompt in our reply with the proper response to the queries raised by you.

6. Do I have the option of annual maintenance contract for regular services?

Yes, we provide the AMC services wherein we provide a regular number of cleaning services in a year. This is a very good option as it ensures regular services in good pricing.

7. Are your services registered and approved?

Yes, we are a team of professionally qualified individuals who have got training from reputed institutions. Moreover, we use the latest and technologically advanced types of equipment and materials that are certified by government agencies. We are ISO 9001:2015 (Quality), OHSAS 18001:2007 (Health & Safety) certified and have also been ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental) certified. Abiding by these quality standards helps us in maintaining our quality and also our do our duty towards the surroundings. We have a long list of satisfied clients who continuously help us grow our presence by introducing new clients from their professional and business circle. They also avail our services for home cleaning which we satisfactorily complete.

8. How much time is required for professional cleaning?

The time taken depends upon the areas we have to cover. Generally, 6-7 hours is required for cleaning services as we use technologically advanced tools that complete the task in relatively lesser time as compared to the traditional method. However, drying of sofa covers, cushions, and upholsters make take some time. We as Professional Office Deep Cleaning Services renders services in the stipulated time frame so that your work is not affected.

9. Is there any safety or security concern with this service?

There is no concern for any sort of safety and security as we use standard materials and types of equipment. The chemicals we use are eco-friendly and harmless and it has no side-effect and after effect on the occupants of your office. During the process, we ask the people to leave the space so that dragging and setting work is done rapidly and smoothly.

10. Is this a costly affair?

Commercial Cleaning Services in Mumbai Central, Mumbai is popular because of its associated benefits. The process of deep cleansing is quite intricate and you cannot do this with regular cleaning tools. There is a need for mechanized tools and effective chemicals that ensure complete wipeout adamant germs and bacteria. A piece of proper knowledge is also required on how to use these chemicals and in what proportions. Hence, hiring professionals like us is never a costly affair as we simplify the task of office deep cleaning.

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