Who’s Responsible For Pest Control?

Posted on June 01, 2021

You may try out various methods to get rid of pests at home but still, there are chances that some kinds may easily get into your home. The homeowner needs to be vigilant and look for signs that show that pests are eminent.

There are various steps that the homeowner needs to take to keep pests at bay. Let us read on to understand the kinds of pests and who the one responsible to control pest infestation is. What are Pests

Pests include cockroaches, termites, rats, and many others that are commonly found in households. You will see mosquitos buzzing around in your home or termites eating away your wooden furniture. There are many do-it-yourself methods to get rid of these pests but these may not be the best thing to do. This is when you need to rely on a professional pest control provider.

Pest Control at home

It is always better to control pests which are better than cure. Every type of pest has its behavior and one size does not fit all. Let us look at these pests and understand their behaviors and characteristics.

● Mosquitoes

These are small insects that suck blood and are also the most dangerous of the lot. You need to avoid the mosquitos in every way possible and this is because mosquitos are notorious for spreading deadly diseases. It has been said that mosquitoes have killed more humans than wars. Remove any standing water at home and turn on the electric fan to keep the mosquitos away.

● Cockroaches

Cockroaches are filthy living in dirty areas like dustbins and garbage. They can eat anything, even feces. This is why there is a lot of virus and bacteria that is attached to cockroaches. It makes them the carrier of many diseases and these are known to transmit various kinds of diseases like typhoid and cholera. It is very difficult to kill the roaches and this is why it is vital that you store your food in properly sealed containers and do not leave any unwashed dishes in the sink.

● Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are insects that can hardly be seen but they feed on human blood. These are nocturnal and they pierce the skin of humans and draw blood from it. The bed bugs are very itchy and they cause a lot of discomforts. The bed bug hides in bed frames and mattresses and can be found near the source of food. Make sure that you stay in good hotels when you travel and make sure that when you buy things it is free of bed bugs.

● Rodents

Mice and rats are the common rodents and these are known to cause damage to homes. If you find anything at home that has a gnaw mark then this is caused by rodents. The rodents need something to chew on at all times. In rider to get rid of them, you should cover the trash cans and also sweep and mop the floor regularly

DIY or professionals

While certain steps should be taken to keep your home free of pests, at times it may not be possible. The DIY techniques to get rid of pests are fine but these are not long-lasting. You may see the pest come back in no time. This is where you should take the help of professional Pest control service to keep your space pest free.

The professionals use high-quality and specialized chemicals and tools to clear off the pests. They also know where to look for each kind of pest. This is because they understand the characteristics of the pests. Thus when you hire a professional you can get better results.

Who is responsible for controlling pests?

This can be a topic of argument which is whether the homeowner or the tenant should be responsible to do the pest control. If the issues are pre-existing then the responsibility rests with the homeowner. Like if there are holes in the home or cracks on the ceiling then the homeowner should fix it.

Termites again are the responsibility of the owner because the issue is related to property. However, it is also possible that the pest has been bought in by the tenant. You must do a thorough inspection to check the home and find out if it needs to be treated for pests. Also, read the lease agreement if it contains a clause on pest control.

The landlord is responsible to carry out pest control at frequent intervals as is decided by you and the landlord on the lease agreement. However, if the pests were not visible when you moved in but you see many of them now then pest control is the tenants' responsibility. It is important to discuss the pest control terms before you move into any new property.

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