Tips On Ways To Keep Your Office Free From Pests

Posted on January 18, 2020

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An office that may seem to be spotless at the first glance could still harbour pests. cockroaches-ants, bed bugs, termites, mosquitoes and Rats Rodents are the most common pests that take shelter in the office spaces. It could seem to be a minor distraction to see pests in office but there are other issues as well. Pests can spread many diseases so you need to have a pest-free office by hiring office pest control services so that your employees do not complain of regular health issues because of pest infestations. Also, when the top commercial pest control services keep the office clean and pest-free it keeps the employees motivated which is essential for a thriving and successful business.

So whatever be the type or size of your business it is important that the management and employees together take the necessary steps like hiring a commercial exterminator to ensure commercial rodent control so that their office space is pest free.

Keep the Workspace Clean

The first step to control pests begins with keeping the office area clean. This can be achieved by having strict rules on waste management, regular cleaning by the employees and food handling. There should also be regular general cleaning to keep the space free from pests.

Cleaning your office regularly is of utmost importance. Make sure that your management hires a cleaning service to handle all the cleaning needs. They should empty the trash regularly and wipe the refrigerator and other areas in the office space that is prone to get infected with pests. Do pest control for office on a regular basis by the office pest control in Mumbai.

Waste Disposal

Trash is always there in every office but there are times when you forget to dispose of the waste properly. This is where pests seek entry. The pests are attracted to filth and trash that they can find easily. So you must pay attention to waste disposal so that the ants and cockroaches do not sneak into your workspace. The garbage bins should be covered so that the pests cannot infiltrate. If there is food or drinks that fall on the floor then these should be cleaned immediately. Also contact office pest control in Thane for regular services.


Exterior maintenance of your Office Space

Do not forget the exteriors of your office building during maintenance. This is especially if you have a large office space with parking, gardens and other facilities. These are also areas where pests start to breed. If there are issues with the exteriors of your office space then contact building pest control.

Regular maintenance of the exterior office space should be done to check that there are no cracks and holes in the foundation. If there are many holes then these should be sealed. Also get the pest control industry experts to inspect the space.

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Find the Water Sources

Pests need water to survive and if there are water sources in your office space then pests will easily seek shelter here. Most of the pests can survive without food but not without water. If you can get rid of the water source then your office space will not just be cleaner but also free from pests. Make sure that the pipes and sinks do not have any leak.  The office pest control in Navi Mumbai will check this for you and take the necessary steps.

Care should also be taken to ensure that there is no moisture content around the office space as well. The industrial pest control services consider these places hot spots for the pests to hide and to breed.

Do Not Clutter your Office Space

The office may have a storage area and a warehouse where the items that are not used regularly are stored. These again are places where the pests breed. Make sure that you hire a pest control management company that will inspect these places regularly to look for any hiding spots of the pests.


Your workspace too should be kept clutter-free. Organize everything from your table to the documents so that there is no place for the pests to hide.

Plumbing Maintenance

The pests are prone to hide in the plumbing hidden walls and the ceilings because these places are not easily accessible. It is also important that you get proper maintenance and if there are any problems then repair and renovate the structure. Commercial pest control services know to track these pests in the hidden areas.

Food Consumption should be limited to the pantry

Most of the employees have a habit of eating their food in the workstation. This may seem to be comfortable and let them save on time but this is also a way to introduce pests in the workspaces. It is ideal to have a pantry area where the employees should eat and drink their food. Limiting food consumption to the workspace areas will take care that pests do not crawl into your office workspace.

Storing Food properly is crucial

You may be in the habit of strong some food in your workspace to munch on them when feeling hungry. These are dry snacks that employees keep to munch often. But the crumbs of these food items are the pests’ favorites too. When these crumbs fall it gets your office infested. Proper food storing is also essential which will ensure that your food items do not get contaminated which could lead to sickness.

Air Quality in the office should be improved

The air quality in the office must be improved. This will not only help to keep the place clean but will also keep the employees healthy. Having indoor plants and investing in air purifiers is a good step to make your office space pleasant. Well-ventilated office spaces keep the pests away.

A professional should be called to treat your office space

Proper office space pest control is a must for the health of the employees and also so that the employees can perform better which in turn will increase the productivity of the business.

You may wonder if it is a great idea to use pesticides in the workplace. However, it should be known that pesticides are poisonous and thus should not be sprayed by an unprofessional. It is always recommended that you call a professional pest control contract who will inspect the area and offer to you the right treatment to ensure that your office space is pest free. They will also let you know of issues with your office space that could attract pests to breed in the workspace. Hiring a professional commercial pest control services near me is worth the investment.

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