Top 5 Homeowners tips for getting rid of termites

Posted on March 13, 2020

Let’s face it! At some point or the other, anti-termites will find a way to your home or at least attempt to do so.

Well, if you find yourself facing issues with termites, then you definitely need to find a quick solution to it. It’s not a nice feeling at all, especially when your home is infested.

Well, if you’re hunting for some of the easy homeowner tips to get rid of termites, then just keep on reading.


Here in the below guide, we will be discussing some of the effective ways to get rid of termites from your home:

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Get rid of extra moisture:

The first step in preventing termite activity is by eradicating the excessive moisture. Just like all other living things, termites also need water and food to survive. Well, being so tiny in size, they don’t need enough to survive. Water collecting in your house on a regular basis and seeping through the interiors of the home can definitely set up a colony for termites in your house. That’s why you need to get rid of that extra moisture from your home so that you can create hindrance in the living world of those termites.


Exposure to sunlight is important

There’s no doubt that these creepy termites survive on moisture. But sunlight is an enemy to them. That’s why for getting rid of termites, you can directly expose them to harsh sunlight. They don’t have much tolerance for sunlight and that’s why termites die as soon as they are subjected to bright sunlight. So, if you’re lucky enough to find out the termite hive, you should expose them to as much sunlight as possible.


Use cardboard traps to remove termites

Being one of the effective and natural ways to remove termites, the cardboard trap method is being highly used. The cellulose content present in cardboard is something that gives off a wooden smell that further attracts termites. The smell can be turned stronger by spraying a bit of water. Termites find this smell irresistible and get attracted to it. Well, that’s how they fall into the trap.


A mixture of salt and water works great

This is yet another natural tip that can help you get rid of termites. This easy method includes using salty water for getting those termites kicked off your house. To get this remedy into action, you just have to mix salt with water properly and put that solution in a syringe for injecting it at the entry points equally.


Soapy water kills termites

One of the ways to kill termites without using chemicals is using soapy water. Soapy water has a tendency to create a solid seal on the outer layer of the termites that blocks their respiratory system and in-turn kills them. Pour liquid dish soap inside a spray bottle and mix it well. The solution is then to be sprayed in the infected portions to get rid of the termites.


Well, the bottom line is that with all these easy homeowner tips to get rid of termites, you can save your home from these little monsters.

But in some cases, where the infestation is vast, you may need the help of a professional pest control company in Mumbai.

Well, in case you feel the need of hiring professionals for getting rid of termites, then Sadguru Facility Services is here to help you.

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