The disease spreads through the toilet too - be careful in time

Posted on August 28, 2020


The corona epidemic has convinced all of us of the importance of cleanliness. In India, it is our responsibility to keep our house and our surroundings clean to prevent corona infection. Toilet infection is more prone to spread. We may have to pay a huge price for it if we do not clean our toilets properly. We will tell you how to prevent the disease and how we should avoid the mistakes given below.


If the toilet seat is not closed

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It is a big mistake to keep the seat lid open after using the toilet. Many people are very careless in this. Many researches have shown that airborne bacteria and viruses can come out of the seat cover. And such bacteria and viruses can put you and your family at risk of disease.


Use slippers

Slippers should always be used while going to the toilet. Wash your hands and feet well if you do not use slippers in the toilet.


Do not use chemicals

Casual production is available for cleaning bathrooms in the market. Many people clean their bathrooms with such chemicals but it can cause asthma, sneezing and allergies, in which pregnant women also have to face it.


Cleaning napkins

Bathroom napkins are often washed away due to non-regular use. Not washing the napkins daily, impurities and infected napkins can spread the disease. If wet napkins dry in the bathroom, then wet napkins can cause microorganisms that can spread disease.


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