Learn How to Protect Your Home from Pests?

Posted on February 17, 2020

Household pests keep popping up, whatever be the season. This crawlies like ants cause severe damage to your property and also cause serious health issues to all your family members.

If you are a homeowner who has complaints of pests inflicting your home then trust me you are not alone. Thousands face this problem with rodents, cockroaches, and ants. To get rid of pests you can consider spraying pesticides or calling a professional pest control company. However, to eliminate the pest on your own then you can try out these natural remedies to keep your home free of pests all year round.

The key is in cleanliness

Pests like cockroaches and bedbugs are a mess and when you keep your home clean then this does not give any place for the pests to breed. You need to make sure that your home, especially your kitchen in speck clean without any food crumbs lying anywhere.

Regular home cleaning services are good at avoiding pests. Vacuuming should be done regularly and also make sure that the dustbins are covered and cleaned. Even stacks of papers are breeding ground for pests like cockroaches. So try to avoid any clutter in your home.

Gaps and cracks at home

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Inspect your home to look out for any gaps and cracks from where pests could sneak into your home. Check the house foundation for any loose siding gaps in the utility lines like electric and cable wiring and any missing roof shingle. If there are any openings then seal it well.

Leave no place damp

Bugs like damp and humid places especially during the winter months. The house must be well ventilated. Opening windows and allowing the fresh air in prevents the bugs from taking shelter in your home.

Water encourages pests to multiply and it is dangerous. Your sink could be filled with dishes and have stagnant water which is an obvious place for pests to breed. But also look out for the places that are not too obvious. The pipe beneath the sink or the bathroom could be leaky. In case that is the case then call the plumber. If your attic and basement are damp then use a dehumidifier to cure the place of excess moisture.

Food should be properly stored


Food is one main reason why pests get into households. When pests find an easy food source then they will keep coming back again and again for the food. If you do not want pests to party in your home then take special care in how you store the food. Food should be stored in an airtight container which does not let the pests like rodents to find the food easily. Pests could also carry diseases and if they get into your food then they contaminate the food. The leftover food should also be disposed of. Ripe fruits too should not be kept outside because the pest can reach them easily. It is best to hide them in the refrigerator.

Gaps in the home interiors

There could be some gaps in your house that can be seen only from the inside of your house. The place under your kitchen cabinet, stove and refrigerator could be places that you should have a look for gaps. There could also be gaps between the floor and the wall juncture and dryer vents. Any gap that is more than ¼ inch should not be kept open but sealed immediately.

Gaps in door and windows 

Pests can wriggle through tiny gaps and cracks and thus make sure to inspect and repair any gaps or cracks on your door or window. Making use of a screen mesh is also a great idea to keep pests at bay.

Seasonal checks are a must

Pests can get into your home in every season. So make sure that you call a professional home pest control company and get your home checked at regular intervals. The pest control services in Mumbai can look out for problems in your home that could prevent pests. Thus if you are made aware of this beforehand then you can take the necessary precautions immediately. The best pest control services team will also look for any termites on your wooden furniture.

Some pests do not like a strong smell

Some pests like lizards and spiders cannot tolerate strong smells. If you find these insects creeping into your home then you can use organic pest control methods and spray some peppermint oil, rose, tea tree or cinnamon oil in your home to keep these pests away.

Other household items can keep pests away too. Soapy water kills pests instantly. Garlic has a strong smell and pests hate the smell. If you put garlic in the entry points of the pests then it can keep pests away. Garlic repels mosquito. These are herbal pest control methods.

Pests could be on your pets: Dog Ticks


Dog tick services in Mumbai: If you have pets at home then your pets could also carry pests. Dogs, cats, and birds at home can pick up these pests. So make sure that you clean your pet well and also get them checked. The places where your pets stay should be washed and vacuumed thoroughly. We will also provide excellent service for dog ticks.

Organize and clean your backyard        

Your backyard is also a place where pests can breed. You need to ensure that your backyard stays clean too. Mow your backyard because these are hiding places of pests. The tree branches and shrubs are also places from where pests infiltrate into your home.

Know when pests have taken over your home       

You have done all that was possible but nothing seems to work out. In such cases, you would have no option but to depend on pest control services in Navi Mumbai. A licensed exterminator can do the needful to save your home from any damage caused because of pests. The professional pest control services in Thane will evaluate the extent of the problems and apply the effective and best pest control services and techniques to manage pests at your home.

Hire a Professional Pest Control Company

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If you want to keep your homes pest-free then hiring professional pest control services is the best decision that you can make. We are experts and you can hire us to treat your household pest problems. We use effective treatment methods to eliminate the pests successfully. We are a well-rounded and professional pest control company and have the appropriate solution to handle any kind of pests.

Our pest control company in Mumbai has a skilled team and we are certified and trained to give high-quality service to you. The pest control services near me use treatments to prevent the pests from multiplying and also do the needful so that they do not get into your home again in the near future.

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