Don't let the bed bugs bite

Posted on December 07, 2019

These reddish-brown bugs, the size of an apple seed are strong enough to give you sleepless nights. Found in semi-dark and warm areas, bed bugs can be commonly spotted in the bedding and mattress. These little bugs are invisible to the eye and can thrive anywhere.

So how do they find you? These pests need blood and they bite your open skin when you sleep. They are attracted to the carbon dioxide that you release and once they detect carbon dioxide in the air they do not take time to trace you.

How to get rid of Bed Bugs:

Even reading about these tiny pests can make your skin crawl, especially if you have ever been bitten by these pests in the past. The good news is that some prevention tips can save your home from getting infected by these bugs so that you can get a good night’s sleep knowing well that nothing is going to bite you. Below are some ways that can help you to know how to get rid of bed bugs from your home. However, the most effective way to disinfect your home completely is to call a professional pest control services in Thane to do the work.

Identification of the Bedbug:

It can be tricky to identify the bed bug and because they are very small it gets hard to catch the infestation before it turns into a nuisance. Here is what you should look for in the bed bug.

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·        The size of the bed bug will be roughly ¼ inch long.·        It is mostly flat, oval or long in shape.

·        It is reddish-brown or born in color.

·        It has four legs and an antenna.

The above are the constant characteristics that you notice in all the bed bugs. The youngest one, however, will have a small size and a milky white translucent color.

You need to identify the bug correctly first because if you fail to do so then you may end up using a bed bugs treatment that may not be appropriate pest control for bed bugs.


How to Remove Bed Bugs:

Inspect your bedding regularly 

how to remove bed bugs- You may not be able to inspect your bedding every night but make it a habit to check your bedding whenever you wash it. You need to look for any signs of the pest or any bed bug residue. The bed bug feeds on human blood so you will easily be able to spot the residue. It leaves its trace and when you change your bedding look for the following signs:

·        Reddish or rusty stain on the matters or bed sheet

·        Bed bug feces which are dark spots

It is important that you check your mattress and bed regularly. Knowing how to remove bed bugs prevents it from infecting your home further. A good idea would be to put a protective cover on your matters so that it fixes the problems. However, you may have to replace your mattress in case the bugs have already multiplied.

You may bring bed bugs with you when you travel

Bed bugs are not just found on the bed. These pests can thrive anywhere. You may spot them in clothes, bags and luggage as these are the favorite hideouts for the bed bugs. When you travel do make sure that you check the room for bed bugs before you unpack your items. If you notice the pests then ask to change the room.

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The bed bug can get attached to your luggage and then stay there for weeks together which easily give it entry into your home. If you feel that your clothes are infected place the clothes in a sealed bag and when you get back home wash those clothes in hot water. Also, make sure to inspect the luggage. It is best to clean your luggage with hot water as a precautionary measure when you get back home. Also check for the bed bugs pest control services near me if the home remedies are not working out.

Do not move the infected items  

If you notice bed bugs on your luggage, fabrics or clothes then do not move it from its place. If you move it to some other place then the bug will only multiply and spread further. It will thus infect a new area of our home. If you notice that the items in your home are infested then keep them in the area that is infected and treat it with professional bed bugs control services there itself so that it prevents the pest from moving out and spreading further.


Bed Bugs Spray:

Essential oils can keep bed bugs away

Some scents keep the bed bugs away. Natural products and essential oils can help but these do not kill them completely. If your home is already infested with bed bugs then the only solution available is to call a professional who will treat it. However, if you are just looking for a preventive measure then here are few essential oils that you can try out.

·        Lavender

·        Tea tree oil

·        Lemongrass

·        Thyme

·        Peppermint

Mix the oil with water and spray the bed bugs spray in the areas where you suspect them.


Pest Control Services in Mumbai :

Let the professionals take over

If your home has been badly infested with bed bugs then the only solution available is to contact a bed bugs pest control services exterminator who will inspect the place and do the needful to give you back a pest-free home.

A professional pest control services in Mumbai knows the best treatment method and he also knows where to look for the hidden bed bugs.

It may not be possible to prevent bedbugs from coming into your home completely. You should, however, take the above preventive measures and in case of a problem call the best bed bugs control services. He will help in removing these unwanted guests from your home and keep your house safe from the infestations.

We are here to help you

If your home is infested with bed bugs then we are here at your service. We make use of methods that are effective and we are equipped to eliminate the pest completely from your home. Our professional pest control services in Navi Mumbai exterminator will come and examine the problem and offer the best solution so that you can enjoy a home free from pests for a long time.

Not only do we offer exceptional service but we also advise you on how to prevent infestations in the future. You can rest assured because when you hire "Sadguru Facility" your home is in safe hands.

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