Do You Want Your Home To Be Neat And Tidy After Vacation?

Posted on June 05, 2018

Bye bye, Nani/ Bye Bye Vacations.

It is that time of the year when all the joys and merriments of the summer vacation of children are about to end. It is that sad time when they have to say bye bye to Nani, a house full of love and care and naughty cousins. And also for those who traveled to faraway lands to make the best of their children’s vacation,  it’s the time to pack your bags and head back home, back to the monotony of daily life.

The only flipside of the joyous and lengthy summer vacations is a house full of dust and grime. With the lady of the house away vacationing and the man busy at work, the house suffers most neglect. Coming back to an unclean house sometimes feels more like a punishment after a leisurely vacation. But obviously, there are things that can be done to ease the mound of work that awaits you when you get back home.  These are four things that can be done to ease the tension of getting back to a dusty home:

1)  Pack wisely –

While packing bags to head home from the vacation segregate washed and unwashed clothes beforehand. It makes the task of unpacking a tad bit easier.

2)  Pre-book professional cleaning services –

People living in cities have the luxury of hiring professional cleaning services. This is the sure shot way to ensure that insects and reptiles like cockroacheslizards, spiders that have conveniently made your abode theirs, go back to where they belong.

3)    Deep cleaning of kitchen and bathrooms –

Many times we don’t realize the importance of deep cleaning our kitchen and bathroom spaces. These are the two most important spaces in any household and getting rid of all possible unwanted bacteria and germs is imperative. Often hard to reach places like ledges, windows, light fixtures, over the cabinets and cupboards is a must clean. We tend to ignore these spaces and they get dirtier in our absence. And hence deep cleaning is a blessing in such a scenario.

4)    Give yourself an extra day or a weekend before you dive into your daily routine –

Keep at least one day in hand before you get back to your offices or daily routines. This one day acts as a buffer and eases you back into your mundane routine. This day can be utilized for getting the house professionally cleaned while you put your legs up and rest.

These simple methods are sure to ease your post-vacation blues. Dive back refreshed into your schedule after the much-needed break.

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