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Posted on May 08, 2021

What's the Difference between Cleaning, Sanitizing, Disinfecting? Chances are that we all have used the word cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting interchangeably. The truth is that these three words mean different things. Knowing the exact difference between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting means that we will take care to use the right term in the future and also know which product should be purchased for each task. Here we will take you through the exact meaning of what cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting imply. Cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting- The differences One of the most essential ways to prevent the spread of germs at home is to clean, sanitize and disinfect the surfaces. Cleaning Cleaning helps to remove dirt, germs, and impurities from any object or surface. You need to use soap or any detergent for cleaning and also water to wash off the solution. This removes the dirt physically from the surface. The cleaning process will not kill germs. However, when you remove the germs from the surface it does help to lower the number of germs and thus the risk of any infection. Disinfecting Disinfecting kills the germs on objects and surfaces. It is done using strong chemicals that kill germs. The process does not clean the surface nor does it remove the germs. However, when the germs are killed on the surface after it is cleaned then it helps to lower the spread of infection. Sanitizing Sanitising lowers the number of germs on the surfaces and brings any object or surface to a safe germ-free level. The process keeps objects at a lower risk of spreading infections. Process of cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing Now that you understand the differences between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting you now need to understand the right way to prepare for the same. You must understand the correct method of cleaning disinfecting and sanitizing the surfaces. Before that, we need to first understand what should be done to any object or surface. Does it need cleaning, sanitizing, or disinfecting? You do not want to be cleaning when you should be sanitizing or sanitizing when you should be disinfecting. We know that this can be confusing and so we take you through when should be done what. Here is how you can determine whether you need you clean, disinfect or sanitize the surface. ● Match the cleaning or the disinfecting process to the kind of germs that you want to remove from any object or surface ● Washing surfaces with some general cleaners at home removes the germs ● Rinse the objects and the surfaces with water that cleans and disinfects ● The label of the product will have indicated whether you should be using the product as a cleaner or to disinfectant. ● A disinfectant will have to be kept on the surface for some time before it is cleaned off. CLEANER A cleaner will remove any dirt or blemish that is visible. This can be done with laundry detergent and soap. You will have to apply the cleaner on the surface that is dirty and let it sit for some time. When the cleaner is mixed with water it agitates the area and loosens the soil. You can then rinse the cleaner using water. This is the first line of getting rid of bacteria and germs and these are critical to keeping any equipment free of germs. Cleaners help to remove the dirt but it is not used to kill viruses and bacteria. SANITIZER A sanitizer is an agent that reduces the area that is contaminated with bacteria to a safe level. The product is tested on all organisms that have been listed on the label. The sanitizer should be used correctly. This is why the instruction should be followed. Sanitizers however are not effective without using a cleaner. If the surface is not clean then the sanitizer will kill the germs but the dirt that is left over will still have bacteria. Unlike when you clean you will not see that the surface is being sanitized. This is because the germs and viruses are too small to be seen with your naked eye. You should follow the direction properly to get the best result. DISINFECTANT The disinfectant helps to kill microbial life and bacteria. These are more effective than sanitizers as it eliminates the life of the microbes’ altogether. Here too you cannot see the microbes so make sure that you follow the guidelines in the disinfectant properly. Conclusion In simple words, cleaning will not kill any microorganisms but it helps to remove the soil and the dirt. Sanitizers help to remove the germ from any surface so that it is considered to be safe for the public Disinfecting is the toughest on the germs that kill all the microorganisms and is also effective than the sanitizers. The three processes namely cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting are all important though different. In the article above we have broken down each of the methods to make sure that you enjoy a clean and germ-free surface.

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