Budget-Friendly Home Decor Ideas

Posted on July 16, 2018

Home Décor Ideas that you and your pocket will like to..

Buying a house is everyone’s dream. And a lucky few can achieve that dream. But buying a house already drills a big hole in your pocket that many times you are left with little to decorate your humble abode. But then who said you need a lot of moolah to decorate your house. There are so many budget-friendly ideas available today that you need not worry to give your house that much need pepping up. A house is an extension of your personality and to keep it spic and span always, take the help of expert professional cleaning services.

We have chalked out some budget-friendly ideas for you for that wonderful looking living room.

Wallpapers or wall stickers –

This is the simplest way to give your living room a facelift. A variety of options are available in wallpapers and wall stickers that transform your hall within minutes.

wallpaper - sadguru cleaning.png

Trendy Bookshelf –

This one is a must-have for book lovers. And a budget-friendly way to add that wow looks to your living room. Remember the wooden crates you used to transport the goods from your old house to your new one. Paint them a colour that matches your home décor. The joy of creating something with your own hands is unmatched.

 Trendy Bookshelf -sadguru cleaning.png

Best from Waste –

One such brilliant idea is to decorate glass bottles. We have so many glass bottles in various shapes. Just log on to YouTube to get some ideas as to how to go about it. They can be used as vases or as showpieces. You can even put Pot Pourri in them with the fragrance of your choice to make the room smell divine. It is the era of upcycling.

Down the memory lane –

What is life without its memories and moments? And what better than dedicating one wall in your living room to your memories. A collage of pictures of you and your family members in beautiful photo frames will make a very attractive and personal decorative item. This is a very commonly used way to lighten up homes but nonetheless it is a full proof method to bring about a smile every time you look at the wall.

photoframe - sadguru cleaning.png

Mirror mirror on the wall –

Install a fancy mirror on one of the walls. A mirror makes space look larger and a vintage mirror will add a touch of elegance and panache to space.

mirror - sadguru cleaning.png

Up above the world so high –

We tend to ignore the ceiling. Generally, all our ceilings are painted white by default. Greys, lavenders and a light shade of yellow also can add the much-needed oomph. And what better than coordinating the colour of the ceiling with that of the wallpaper.

ceiling2 - sadguru cleaning

Sassy lampshade –

A bold and beautiful lampshade will brighten up the room beyond your imagination. The internet is full of options that suit all sort of budget brackets. Just one tall lampshade in one corner of the room has the capacity to lighten up the room. To go one step further you can even make a lampshade using your wild imagination or using DIY techniques from the internet. Every tiny thing that you will make using your own hands for your home, you will make it all the more special.

 lampshade - sadguru cleaning.png

Wood to add warmth –

As we are discussing budget decoration items, one thing you can scout is for used furniture, in chor-bazaars or on the internet. You never know when you will land yourself a charming armchair or a bar that will change the appearance of your living room.

We hope that these budget ideas will help you get that dream look for your living room. And remember the easiest way to maintain your beautiful abode is by regularly hiring expert home deep cleaning services.

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