7 Quick’s Way to Bathroom Cleaning Services

Posted on May 27, 2018

The bathroom is one of the most important places in your home.  When you want to relieve yourself, or when you want to have a relaxing shower or even more important if you just need to escape to a quiet place for some me time.  So it is imperative that this place that you visit often in a day needs to be clean and also germ-free.

We generally tend to superficially clean the bathroom using the cleaning products available in the market. But for a forever fresh and hygienic bathroom, it is vital that you undertake deep bathroom cleaning regularly by hiring professional cleaning services.  The bathroom cleaners with their advanced technology and latest machinery will reach areas that you cannot clean manually.  They are a hygienic home’s best friend.


Till then let us share some useful tips to keep your personal haven spick and span:


If not cleaned regularly it gets covered in dust, grime, and spots very easily. One trick is to boil tea and strain it into a spray bottle. Spray that on to the mirror and wipe it off with newspaper for a shiny mirror.



One thing that is the by-product of an active bathroom is scum. Scum is that layer that is formed by repeated use of soap and detergents. Wash the scum away with one part dishwashing liquid and one part vinegar.  This is the best way to keep scum at bay.


Stains on your expensive and beautiful metal hardware like taps, showers, and health faucets are not a welcome sight every time you enter the bathroom. The simplest way to get rid of these stains is rubbing it with a lemon. Yes as simple as rubbing it with a lemon. Scrub your metal hardware with lemon and get a stain-free citrusy bathroom.

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The grossest place to clean the entire toilet. But also most important to clean. Your toilets best friend is the white vinegar. For a shiny toilet bowl that is free of germs, bacteria, and mold, vinegar is your go-to product. Pour vinegar on your toilet seat and in the bowl and let it sit for a while before cleaning it with a toilet brush. You will be left with a germ-free toilet.


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When you concentrate and clean every nook and cranny of your bathroom, we are sure you must be forgetting the toilet brush. If that brush is in your bathroom all the time and you don’t clean it then your bathroom is not entirely germ-free. The best trick is to use a toilet brush with a holder and to pour a little all-purpose cleaner in the brush holder for keeping it clean and the bathroom odor free.

  • TILES:

To keep the bathroom tiles shiny, the easiest way is to use a mouthwash with a whitening agent, it will keep your tooth and tiles white alike.


If you live in an area with hard water, then clogged showerheads must be a regular occurrence. Don’t go ahead and buy a new one every time you have a clogged head. Dip the showerhead in vinegar overnight and voila you have a sparkling unclogged showerhead.

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Use this simple and easily doable bathroom cleaning hacks to have a fresh and hygienic bathroom. It is always not necessary to rely on chemical cleaning agents available in the market. Products from your kitchen also can be used to keep your abode a germ free one.

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